Amsterdam to Belgium by Peugeot

This day should probably be retitled to European Vacation, yeah, that kind. 


Landing in the Netherlands is gorgeous, it’s so green! Windmills are everywhere, turbine and the old milling variety.  After grabbing our little car, we set off south to Belgium to settle in and get dinner. 

This was our view from our hotel, built in 1626, which is at the very top and center of the market square of Brugge.  We undoubtedly had the very best view in the whole city, looking straight out onto the belfry, the market square and the city government buildings.

Now that we were in and settled, we had a little beer with dinner, and some well deserved rest after 27 tiring hours of travel.

Travelers note- don’t drive in Brugge. Belgian roads are great in general,  but this cobblestone one way maze is not easy. Bus in and taxi to your hotel, then walk the city. The irony of the police force translated to “Polite” is not lost on them.

The evening concluded with a special showcase by the bell carillon, a mix of classical numbers adapted to the tower bells and the likes of the Game of Thrones theme and Adele. We worried momentarily that the bells did this all the time, never taking more than a 2-3 minute break between songs for more than an hour at a time, but then we realized we had the fortune of stumbling into town on a concert night!

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