Belgium Day 1

The Bruge belfry stopped ringing around 10pm last night and the horses rode enthusiastically with their carriages off to dinner and the stable, the sky finally going dark around midnight and people made their way home.

The bells didn’t start again until 9am, and we wandered down for breakfast thinking we started late. We asked the two other people downstairs (both hotel employees) where the waffles were? We were informed it was way too early, to try again at 11. Guess that settles our lunch plans and sleeping in the rest of the trip. I suppose I can handle that.

Foot tour of Brugge, then a narrow 366 step climb up the Belfry for the 2:45 chime.

Warning: this video is loud

In a serious beer town, we then went shopping, getting some wonderful glass beer “chalices” and even found a bottle of Westvleteren 12. A cappuccino and chocolate store later, we settled into a Beer Pub, Cambrinus, for some fantastic food and then walked it off back for the night. The cheese croquets we had at dinner were a beer cheese quick fried in a crunchy slightly flaky batter, excellent cheese dish number one of the trip..

Kevin leaning out of our room, mind you this photo was taken around 9pm….

Tomorrow- Ghent!


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