Belgium Day 2


Another lazy start in Brugge, Belgium waffles with powdered sugar and strawberries with espresso across the Market from our hotel.

Brief epic battle with a local parking machine and very proud Belgian attendant, and we were off to Ghent.

The Gravensteen- part of which dates back to 1180, a medieval fortress castle right in the middle of the modern city. Views of the bell tower, cathedral and othe spires from the tops of the ramparts were just awesome.

It wasn’t long before Kevin found a miniature throne for a photo, and then a rather surprised costumed local who was ultimately laughing and giving up his helm -much to Kevins extreme content. He looked at me prior to handing it over to Kevin to make sure he was not actually insane… and explained that this request was a first.

A little tired from climbing around some narrow stone spire stairways, a cappuccino across the street admiring our city view. The cafe we stopped at, had a brie and honey sandwich, the brie was so fresh and creamy I had never had anything at all like it, and didn’t again all trip, although I sure did try. Amazing cheese dish number 2.

Our evening concluding after meeting some very fun locals at dinner and what was apparently normal, a marching band.

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