Belgium Day 3

Road trip again today, this time to just an hour south and close to the border of France, to the town of Westvlteren.

I made a “wrong” navigation judgment on the way and we ended up at the beach! I know I look very sorry about that mistake..

Once at Sint- Sixtus Abbey, we enjoyed the Best Beer in the World, Westvleteren 12, and their Blonde- along with some absolutely amazing Trappist cheese, amazing cheese number 3 now for this trip. We lazed around with beers and a view of the countryside, perfect sunny weather with a cool breeze for hours before taking a short stroll through the Abby grounds and driving back.

This is the beer cheese that was so amazing, we ate that entire giant slice with some very spicy mustard and pickled items. 

Back in Brugge for our last dinner in Belgium, Kevin had 1.5 Kilo of mussels “of the chef” while I enjoyed a marinated spice pear and endive salad, complete with a giant portion of fresh goat cheese.

I’m ready for the Netherlands drive tomorrow 🙂

3am in Brugge- and I’m confused. This place has some odd habits and priorities. People don’t sleep here, apparently, at least not much. Granted there is a festival going on today and tomorrow but the entire time we have been here, every night has been extremely .. Loud. Some nights it was older kids running around and screaming, another night was drunken men fumbling around after the football game ended in the bar. Tonight, however, it is drunken disorderly and a handful of very vocally impressive people having (literally I’m not joking) shouting contests across the blocks. What struck me as odd was two things. For one, people are strolling by while drunks are literally launching beer bottles into a populated center square, no attempt to stop them what so ever. Secondly, if you so much as dare to drive through a “Van, Bus and a Taxi only street” you will sure as hell be getting a fine from the local police (55 Euro for the curious). However vomiting in the street and tossing booze granades at the general night owl public… That’s okay.

It looks so peaceful in pictures though.


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