Netherlands Day 1



Where do I even begin. It’s overwhelming in the best of possible ways. We walked 10 miles, all around the city center, visiting the Oude Kerk (Old Church.. really old, 1213,.. complete with 16th century graves for a floor), Red Light district, taking a peak into all the cafes and antique shops. We will be coming back to Amsterdam Wednesday to try to see the rest the best we can!

Walking , or driving for that matter, around Amsterdam is kind of a trip. There are car lanes, buss lanes, lanes for both, bike and motorcycle lanes, and sidewalks. Usually you can tell them all apart, sometimes you can’t. The rule is bikes are king, and anything goes (although not as ‘do what you like’ as Italy). I have no idea how we didn’t witness any sort of accident the entire time. Organized chaos it is!

 Then… something  amazing happened. I had been waiting “patiently” all trip for these….. A Stroopwafel and cappuccino. It’s heaven. I’ve already purchased several bags to assist me in my saddness from being back in ‘Murica in the coming weeks.

The Van Gogh museum was open a bit later than most, so we thought we would fit it in, and I was so glad we did. Not only did the museum host many a beautiful variety of Van Gogh’s work, but we also were lucky enough to see two Monets’, a favorite of mine of Pissarro, and a Degas! I was in such happy content I forget to ask if I could take pictures. So shamelessly stolen from their website, are my favorites from the exhibit below.








Tomorrow, we head to the Hauge, to see the Binnenhof and tool around the area my mother lived when she was very little in Scheveningen.

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