Netherlands Day 2

Kevin is narrating todays blog:


“I never said I was doing that.”

“Today we missed breakfast because Corrin wanted to sleep in [it ends at 9:30am]. And then we went and got lunch at NoordZee on the beach. Corrin found a stupid pokemon “krabby” on me, and all I wanted to do was sit there and eat my spek (bacon in dutch) pancake. Then she made fun of me for drinking an irish coffee (at 11:30am) , and renamed the “krabby” to my name.. [Kevin Im not putting that… “you can put what you like, Im just calling it as I see it”]

“Then we traveled to Den Haag and saw the Binnenhof & Ridderzaal and we took many interesting pictures of old stuff. The Ridderzaal was finished in 1280, and is the main building of the 13th century Binnenhof, used for state official parliament business and royal affairs. [then he dictated from wikipedia awhile] After we finished seeing that, we walked down the historic streets of the centrum of Den Haag and indulged in local favorite beers and snacks.”

“Driving back to our hotel, then back to the beach for dinner around 7:30, where some little sparrows kept hoping around our table for breadcrumbs. “

(My 4.95 EUR Corona haha)


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