Netherlands Day 3

Amsterdam, I just can’t find the right way to explain this city. It’s like a floating sideways brick adult playground; it is a little crazy but also extremely welcoming at the same time.

Today we started off at the bigger of the Museums, the Rijksmuseum. We saw more art that one person could possibly take in properly in 3 hours. Ship models, weapons, paintings, sculptures, porcelain, seriously antique furniture, silver, glass, clocks, more paintings, tapestries…. the only down side… the Medieval and Asian exhibits were closed.. which was the primary reason each one of us choose to go. Oh well. Rembrandt is pretty good too…

You may recall the cut-out curiosity Kevin has from the honey moon photos, No?… Let me remind you.

Then we had about 5 hours to kill before our dinner cruise, which turned into a 5 hour cappuccino tour of the city.

Cappuccino 1- at the Rijks cafe.

Cappuccino 2- Lunch! in an intersection.

Cappuccino 3- Italian cafe in a nice little green space center

Cappuccino 4- Coffee Shop, an actual coffee shop, not a “coffee cafe”- which is hazy and has other familiar smells.

Cappuccino 5- dinner. and Im still tired. hah (lack of AC and quiet mornings is rough)

The dinner cruise was fantastic, we had 4 courses plus a few “tasters”, most of which were excellent. The cruise itself was a good paced boat ride all over the cities canals, and extremely interesting in addition to being informative. We finally learned why Amsterdam has its 3 X’s on the flag, one for each threat the city has faced: dealing with the water (its built on a swamp), fire (everything was wood originally), and the black plague. Additionally, the houses and pretty much everything else is slightly crooked or leaning here because of the original wood foundations which either sank or rotted into the swamp below; modern buildings of course are concrete, but it leaves a funny feeling walking around as most of the blocks are mixed of old and new.

It’s very hard to believe we only have one day left on our trip, time just disappears. Tomorrow, we head to Tilburg, to tour La Trappe. and then the crying begins as we make our long trek home.

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