Road Trip to IJmuiden

Leaving Belgium, headed to the Netherlands! We stopped to get some waters for the road and found the Lipton Sparkling Lemon Ice Tea you can get in the restaurants! So good.


A few hours later, we settle into IJmuiden, a unique little port town, which is an industry meets beach kind of town. I love it. Kevin misses Brugge already. Opposites attract? Let’s hope. Hah

At the beach we ended up walking for hours, watching kite surfers and picking up sea shells. The beaches here are really deep, sand and shells for hundreds of feet between shore line and the dunes. From the jetti you could see massive cruise and cargo ships coming in and out of port.


Dinner time and I’ve had my fill of cheese for awhile, even as good as it all was. Lucky enough we found a neat Japanese restaurant where we ordered small plates to our hearts content.

Tucked into our little hotel, beach souviers cleaned up, we checked out the train scheduled into Amsterdam for tomorrow.


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