Seattle or Bust

Our first trip out to the Pacific northwest was to be sure we both liked the place and knew what we were up against.

Check and check!

But it seems like so many people are asking us why  we are leave our current city?

Because we aren’t happy in the south. I’ll leave the myriad of reasons aside, but the point was why stay somewhere we don’t like. Why indeed!

But why Seattle?! It’s gorgeous! The food! The beer! The marine environment! The diverse people! The culture! The options for grad school! Kevins industry is awesome here! And oh the things to do…

Travel day

Flying into our Phoenix hub I did have the best view, sun set above the clouds with an excellent view of the crescent moon and Venus!


Full Day 1– Apparently the robust list of apartments to visit gave us no advantage. We had either inadvertently picked a low income housing (wow -rent cost differences)  or normal apartments with listed availablities however- those are wait listed. So after a long day o joining in on a few of those  wait lists around number 8 in line amungst the hopefuls, we went back to our hotel and decided a lift of spirit was in order. Leave it to Kevin to find a Belgium inspired cafe downtown; Browsers Cafe. The  bottle book of available brews was astounding, probably the best we had ever seen. Damn being on a budget!! It’s worth mentioning that while the food was amazing (vegan options too!) the fries did not do the Belgians any justice.  We split a Kombalcher Eisbock then an Avery Pump[ky]n, then Kevin had a bourbon barrel aged Old Rasputin. Oh my so delicious.

Full day 2– Better luck today when we refocused farther north, the 3rd place we visited not only fit every need but has availability. We followed everyone’s advice and jumped on it. Applications in works we decided to enjoy the rest of our day and that we did.
Pike place market was just as I remembered but perhaps smaller (15+ year old memories probably the cause of that). Kevin found a rare beer with the likeness of a blood hound finding a fox within the first 10 minutes. We then found the mustard that we died over in Belgium, yeah this place is going to suit us perfectly.

We had lunch in a seafood place with German black ales and sparkling watermelon water (yas!) then wondered the waterfront until we found the aquarium. Naturally we had a blast there watching the playful sea otters and river otters, the sea lions and seals were less active but still absolutely adorable. These animals are so happy ; perhaps I need to float on my back with shells more?

Naturally Kevin found a cut out photo opportunity…

Our evening consisted of Vietnamese and bobba.  We were reflecting on the readily available Pho places… every other block outside the city has a jack in the box (Kevins favorite after drinking guilty pleasure), starbucks (PSL- sorry not sorry) and Pho or Thai place. (Yas!)


Travel day back–  The day started off with higher clouds and you could see the mountains wonderfully! So beautiful we were a bit sad we couldn’t stay and enjoy longer. Plenty of time in the coming months. We already have a list going of the things we want to do once we are here, I can’t wait.

Breakfast was a glorious little find, a Russian bakery!! We had coffee and mashed potato or ham and cheese Piroshkis- made from scratch- and a carrot side dish, heavily spiced shredded carrots with garlic oh man. I ate the entire tub with my breakfast, the owner was amused and said he does the same. I regret now not trying the borscht; next time. Sadly that was all the time we had, back off to the other side of the country for month or two while we arrange the move.

What we walked away with impression wise

A word or two on renting in Seattle:

Uhm. Good luck mostly? The market is totally saturated and anything within an easy commute to Seattle will be wait listed at best.  They love to blame the tech companies for bringing so many people into their cities but they aren’t unfriendly about it. Finding a place during the winter is all but impossible for highly sought after communities, best time is the summer. Oops hah.


Weather & Chill

I don’t quite understand everyone’s constant curiosity with saying “EW why there! It rains constantly…  “.

Here’s the deal, there’s a rainy(er) season(s): October through May. Sure that’s half the year whatever. The thing is it’s not constant rain, but it is constant wet. The amusing part around this is watching how the locals react to it. It seems to fall into two categories: embrace it or deal with it. Neither involve umbrellas for anything less than a prolonged downpour, if that at all. Some donned flip flops, some golashes, and others just low ankle boots. Other than that you had everything from tank tops to fashionable rain coats.

The actual rain varies by seemingly 15 minute intervals- from clear and partly cloudy with bright skies to mist to drizzle to light rain. It stops no one.

I’ll give this to the questioners- sure the sun isn’t tanning worthy. But no one seemed depressed and everyone talks readily about their favorite winter sun spots. There is however an absolute chill about everyone, and not just in reference to the Amsterdamesque similarities.  Everyone isn’t dying to talk to you and shout hospitality ; however conversations start normally and a smile will earn you  a genuine one in return.