Switzerland Day 1- Stanserhorn & Lucerne 

First day we could hardly pick what to do first, but with the sky looking grey, we figured why not go above the clouds, so after breakfast we hoped in our car and drove to Stans.





There is something to be mentioned for the breakfasts, amazing baked goods, local hand made cheeses, preserves, honey, and to Kevins heaven- cured meats. Don’t forget the hand pressed espresso.img_0101

Stanserhorn, via the CabriO

At the base of  the mountain. We arrive on a grey cold day, and wait in line for a wooden cart to pull us up to above the city and farm land.

More on these cows and my obsession of them later… 

We jump off the wooden and sheep fleece padded trolley and got into a seriously impressive lift, the CabriO and began to ascend quickly, and disappeared into the cloud line. 

Jumping out and walking around on the observation platform felt like we were on top of the world.


This was by far the most beautiful place in the world I’ve ever seen. 

We did a little walk around the cliffs, and at this point we could hear the cows and their bells from the valley down below. 

Kevin found a cut out of a marmot , summer mascots of the mountain top… You’ll notice a theme starting here. 

After awhile we had a beer and cappuccino and enjoyed the view. We honestly could have stayed for days. But back down, past the cows again.

Lucerne- the Kapellbrücke and Wassterturm.

We were seriously excited about seeing this bridge and water tower dating back from the 1300’s, Kevin had been here before we meet.

We ended the night at an Italian restaurant just down river of this photo, still water was 5 franc, and we both had the porchini pomperdale pasta, and of course more espresso. 


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