Switzerland Day 2- Lucerne

The Musegg Wall

Our first priority was the old city wall of Lucerne, the Musegg Wall, dating back from the 1300’s and many of the towers are still accessible (if you like heights and have excellent knees). The views from the top of the towers and the guard walk way between was amazing, like looking into a fairy tale.

Inside the clock tower, like a lot of things in Lucerne, the mechanisms are exposed to view. 

The covered bridge there is just down river of the famous bridge we saw the day prior, we took a walk under it that evening. 

This was the “newest” of the towers on the wall. 

Lucerne on foot
We then spent the afternoon walking all through the city blocks and shopping district before stopping for late lunch.

Back into town we passed this house , dated 1689, it appeared to be currently used  as a studio space. 






The shorter bridge, the Spreuerbrücke, was covered in paintings themed “the Dance of Death”.

Lunch on the Russ River

Stopped and had lunch at the Rathaus Brauerei Restaurant in front of the Kapellbrücke and Wasserturm, hadn’t had enough of the sites yet. And all the birds swimming and flying around, you could pass hours on lunch without even noticing.


We enjoyed a long dinner back in Weggis at the Hotel Schweizerhof, where I found and began my second obsession so far, this time with Swiss “Mixed Green Salad”. This is a entree size salad, featuring a mix of salads on a bed of greens with a “french” dressing which was actually closer to a fresh ranch dressing and not as rich. The salads that came with it where typically a curried corn, cucumbers and tomatoes, a pickled radish slaw, and carrot salad.

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