Day 3- Altdorf & Travel to Milan

Leaving Weggis and Switzerland we purposely stopped in Altdorf to see the tower and statue dedicated to Wilhelm Tell, a famous archer who didn’t take anyone’s shit.

View out of town from the top of the tower

Listen for the cow bells!! I miss them! Every time you saw cows, sheep or goats it was a small herd of 4-12, never more. 



Before we left Switzerland we stopped in a local grocery to pick up lunch for the road. I had a cheese (Kase) sand which with a pickle and obviously in house made roll… 2.50 franc (cheap!!) and oh so good. The grocery there is largely all fresh produce and items with only a few middle rows for packaged goods, most of which was juice and cooking and baking accoutrements. Food and good costs outside of restaurants were extremely reasonable. 



Arrived in Milan


Our accommodations, Hotel Ariosto, was set very centrally in the city and not far from our parking. Once situated, we promptly set out a bar and restaurant called Dosso 18; this was one of the new places our wait staff spoke fluent English the entire trip.

Wifi was a big deal Our new hotel occasionally didn’t have working Wifi, which was bad because we spent the nights updating our iPhone Maps for the next day before bed! Blind driving in a foreign country anyone? No international data plans for us, airplane mode the entire trip and compass app.

A word about driving in Italy… Lackadaisical. They stop wherever they please, go where they please, park where they please, walk across the roads wherever they please… perhaps its best illuminated with a short story.

We were walking back from dinner and a motorcycle went by, blaring some music, the weekend can’t feel my face perhaps, and he was on his phone talking rather animately to the other party, just driving down the busy street in perfect ease.

Most traffic was made up of small cars (I mean smaller than my Honda Fit), motorcycles, and bicycles with the occasional very high end luxury car. And lets not forget the busses and trolleys and trains…

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