Italy Day 4- Florence

Our drive into Florence was an easy one, down the Autostrada a few hours, driving around inside Florence is an entire other matter. One way this one, no way, forget it way, just park and walk somehow good luck.

Uffizi Gallery, a massive collection of sculptures, and variations of the Madonna and child.  There was so much art to take in, in so little space! We only took pictures of our favorites.

Even the ceiling was art..

I, may have almost set of an alarm trying to get a better look at whatever this creature is…

This little guy, is a piece of Roman art work from the mid 2nd century AD. A flute player.

Lastly, the reason we came here, the birth of Venus. Such an amazing work to see in person, its much bigger than I had imagined.

The Palazzo Vecchio & walking up to an elephant

Back around town, strolling past the Palazzo Vecchio, a super old and super rich in historical significance. And then later we quite accidentally strolled right into Duomo Cathedral, which is a bit of a strange experience when you were not expecting such a giant presence.

The Academia Gallery, with a very famous resident. He’s tall by the way, really tall, and referred to as “THE David”.

Look at the people at the bottom of the picture for an idea of scale

Dinner in Florence was on the way back to our little smart car, we stopped into a small restaurant. Spicy Penne entrees and they had ice, requested with a Pepsi. Probably the most non authentic meal we had the entire time, but completely delicious.

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