Italy Day 5- Milan

Milano, with its central and sparling parks, you could spent a lot of time walking around, partly because we didn’t have a particular end location in mind for meals, and partly because it was gorgeous.

Most of the city blocks looked like this, historic mixed with new, 4-5 floors high, planted balconies, and occasionally first floor was business. Most of the residential buildings had a large gated drive in entry and central open courtyard.

Sfotza Castle, built in the 15th century, was a lot more massive than I thought it would be!

Milan Cathedral, a white marble monolith in constant states of construction, starting in 1386 and was originally finished in 1805.

I loved the roof shots, with the cranes and modern buildings in the back ground. 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele– there are 3 Pradas in here, not that we went shopping, we stopped to have a fantastic lunch. Walking in, I didn’t realize it was a sort of open air design, the glass dome in the center, and central paintings on the top of each building were just stunning.

If this lunch wasn’t the best thing in the world, I just don’t know what would be. All espresso in Italy was served with a candy of some sort, either an almond infused tiny baked good, chocolate covered coffee bean, or a dinner mint.

This corner shop carried sweets, alcohol, coffee and smoking supplies; featured a large chandler and was the size of this picture. (Notice Kevin is not in the baked goods line)


Gelato, of course.

We walked around a park several times and this was the central gate way to the heart of the city, Id always wanted to see one of these arches!

After a long day of walking, we walked some more and aimlessly till we found dinner; focaccia pizza and pasta with wine in a little restaurant which was mostly on the sidewalk, lasting a few hours, before meandering back to our hotel for the night.

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