Landing behind the Alps

Travel day 1: 21 hours of fights, 4 hour drive across the boarder of Italy and Switzerland and final arrival to Weggis. 

We picked up our rental smart car, from a flirtatious Italian desk clerk, promptly got situated in the car then realized we were going to just attempt the journey with an Italian map and a compass… Neither of us knew Italian, what could go wrong?!

Boarder check leaving Italy into Switzerland. We had to buy a sticker for our rental to drive, 40 Franc. 

Peril of traveling by map alone, this “bridge” across Lake Lucerne was actually a ferry, and not running this day. Ended up a pretty shot and a Uturn. 

Common scene from the road- welcome to fairy tale land. 

Reading these signs at 50km /hr eventually got easy. 

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