Switzerland Day 6- Aigle

Switzerland called us back on our last day , which we planned to be a flex day, and we couldn’t leave without going north again so we went back across the boarder through the Alps to French Switzerland.

Château d’Aigle

What a gem to find, upon walking in they asked how on earth we had heard about the place as not many Americans make it here, *queue looking to new husband and smiling quite proudly*. This old castle and winery had been through various ownership and uses until finally settling into a neat little exhibition site. We spent hours making our way around and through the various buildings, towers, and jail cells?

The second cut out picture.

The old mead hall, people were shorter than Kevin when this was built

Strolling into le jardin, naturally we tried the grapes. SO good.


Countryside through Windows, my third obsession, taking photos of the amazing country side through windows, wall openings, and murder holes from the towers.


Dinner in town after bouncing around bars asking for menus in broken french.  Resturants do not open until dinner hours of 7 or later.

Swiss mixed green salad, and a morel risotto with wine, Kevin had morels and veal. One of the best meals of the trip!


Our last night abroad, we were extremely sad that we were leaving. Once we got back to the states, we really didn’t feel like we were back home, and had already begun longing to be back in Switzerland. We missed the long meals, strolling around the cities interiors, all the languages and culture, and the espresso. I bought an Italian espresso machine within 3 weeks due to lack of adjusting back without.

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